Company Details

CDR S.r.l. via degli Artigiani, 6
50055 - Ginestra - FLORENCE (ITALY)
VOICE +39 055.871431
FAX +39 055.8714322

Company Registry Fi - R.E.A. FI 423250
Partnership’s Capital €.46.800

Contatta CDR s.r.l.

Food Diagnostics
For questions regarding FoodLab Line Systems and Food Analysis, please
Contact CDR Food Diagnostics Division

Medical Diagnostics
For questions regarding Hematology Analysis and Hemostasis Equipment and Instrumentation fon Veterinary application, please
contact CDR Medical Diagnostics Division

Telematics System
For questions regarding systems for the automatic collection of tolls and issue of tickets, please
contact CDR Telematics System Division


CSQ   IQNET   Quality System certified
ISO 9001 Ed. 2008