The harmonious combination of study, research and work generated and continues to generate at CDR a particular sensitivity to art, under the artistic and philosophical guide of Luciano Romoli.

The unity of two cultures, the scientific one and the humanistic one, imbued with the privileged adhesive of fantasy and imagination, brought to the develop of a particular form of art that CDR produces and promotes with passion and engagement: video, images, installations, performances, architectures, interior design modules. Various forms of expression in which the artistic element converses with technology elegantly.

Concoide, Fourier, Risonance

It is a structure installed outside the CDR headquarters. It is the expression of Luciano Romoli’s aesthetic research starting from the reflection on three fundamental scientific concepts: resonance, studied by Huygens amongst the others, the representation of  Fourier’s harmonic functions and the conchoidal curve conceived by Nicomede.


Analysis of angel space

Beato Angelico and the geometrical theories have insiperd the analysis of the space in which is inserted the "Annunciazione" fresco, at the San Marco convent, in Florence. The structure comes from the study and it was inserted inside the right aisle of the Pieve di Santa Maria allo Spino, nearby Siena, in 1983.



2014 Invisible Things Festival

The Invisible Things Festival is an event dedicated  to science, physics and mathematics and takes place in  Montelupo Fiorentino at the beginning of spring.