CDR and art

2014 Invisible Things Festival

The Invisible Things Festival is an event dedicated  to science, physics and mathematics and takes place in  Montelupo Fiorentino at the beginning of spring.

Born to introduce in a serious way and with divulging intentions scientific matters, very complicated sometimes, the Festival records a big participation every year. This time Luciano Romoli and his Art&Science gave some of his creations  for a show during the three days of the event.

The creations chosen are: “Immagini della radiazione cosmica di fondo e delle tracce fossili”, the installation “Omaggio a Newton Riemann e Lobachevsky”, “Progetto di villa telematica (architettura di luce)”, and “Pozzo speculare con bolle di sapone”.

The organizers dedicated this edition Festival to the paradoxes of the quantum mechanics, preparing workshops, experiments, meetings and other activities.