Portable system for ESR determination


Compact system for ESR determination.


A small and compact system that allows to determine in a rapid way:

  • ESR value in 1 hour
  • ESR value in 2 hour
  • KATZ index

The analysis method is fully static, thanks to CCD linear sensor and LED technology. The reading of the sample in the test tube is vertical and continuous. Because of these characteristics the system does not need maintenance and assures accuracy of the results.

Reading time between 8 and 15 minutes. Results are temperature correlated. Is possible to perform up to 10 tests per hour.

The system allows to perform the analyses with only 0.65ml of blood sample, using practical and sterilized ESR-vacuum tubes and inserting randomly the samples in any reading cells. The instrument is easy to carry and can be connected to a PC with the USB port.

The results obtained with Ves Mouse  in 1 hour and 2 hours are expressed in mm/hr and are converted by interpolation into Westergren mm/hr values.