Rapid systems for ESR determination


Device for the determination of the erythrosedimentation rate in blood samples.

VESstatic µ16VESstatic µ16

Thanks to the use of highly innovate microelectronic technologies, VESstatic µ16 is able to determine the value of RES in an interval of time that can range from a few minutes to a maximum of 15 by using an internally patented static method that is similar to the Westergren reference method, along with very small sampling volumes.
The system has sixteen completely independent wells and a dedicated cuvette, also available in vacutainer format, that guarantee accurate sampling volumes of 650 µl. The clear window on the cuvette body enables to check the correct filling level.

Reading time ranging from 8 to 15 minutes after mixing. Operating capacity around 100 samples/hour. Results are automatically aligned with temperature.

Samples can be randomly inserted into one of the 16 sampling cells. The required sampling volume is 650 µL only.

The erythrosedimentation process is assessed using static methods only.
The system is able to read barcodes through a pen or optical scanner and can be connected to a host computer.

Sources: solid state
Display: alphanumerical LCD with 2 lines of 16 characters
Reading capacity: 16 independent wells
Connection with host computer: 1 RS232 serial line
Printer: built-in
Operating temperature range: from 15°C to 40°C
Sampling volume: 650 µL
Size: 17x28x16,5 cm
Weight: 1250 g
Power supply: from mains through external module