Blood coagulation measurement


Analysis instrument for the measurement of blood coagulation.


LTritek analyzer has been studied to measure the blood coagulation. It was design to be used in pairing with a line of specific reagents for hemostasis analysis produced by the American company r2 diagnostic from South Bend, Indiana, USA.

Analysis method
Photometric with digital curve interpretation:

  • Clotting algorithms: PT, APTT, FIB, TT, Factor assays, Protein S, Lupotek KCT, Lupotek DT VL, Lupotek  CT VL.
  • Chromogenic and immunologic assay using absorbance procedures, (end-point or kinetic methods, initial rate analysis) for AT, D-Dimer, Heparin etc.

Reliability and accuracy
The accuracy of determination is assured by the technology used: sophisticated photometric technique, digital signal processing, opto-electronic device.

Instructions on the display for users, colored LEDs and acoustic warnings to assist users during operations, built-in printer.

QC Program
It is the program for graphical management of quality assessment tasks. Database in memory for up to 100 tests, in 4 different languages selectable.