Telematics Systems

CDR designs and manufactures specific systems able to read the most common types of tickets, cards and badges.

Standard treated:

  • Barcodes
  • Standard ISO magnetic bands like those used on credit and ATM cards
  • Standard TRANSAC magnetic bands like those used on Viacards (cards for the payment of motorway tolls) and motorway tickets
  • Proximity cards
  • The most common types of smart cards

The products specifically developed, designed and manufactured by CDR are the devices for the automatic collection of motorway tolls and the issue of tickets, like COMPUCARD and COMPUCARD-I, the devices for companies managing motorways applications like those for the issue of pre-magnetized tickets, high speed ticket readers/distributors, the systems for the analysis of the magnetic oxides that are usually employed to manufacture tickets and cards, like OMNIMAG.
CDR developed customized OEM units according to specific needs requested, like the recent ones designed on behalf of primary companies managing parking areas. Moreover CDR conducted applied research in the area of the security systems into railway tunnels.