Automatic toll collection


System for the digital processing of multi-standard tickets/cards designed for automatic motorway toll stations.

compucard compucard compucard

COMPUCARD, which is installed in most of the Italian motorway toll stations, is the first unit able to digitally process signals and allow the automatic management of tolls in unmanned toll stations.
The sophisticated control electronics and the high performing firmware enable to carry out complete diagnostics tests to check the stability and efficiency of the system and to transmit to the central office a series of status information that can be used to schedule an effective preventive program and minimize faults within the plants.
COMPUCARD is able to provide information on the status of processed tickets/cards in order to allow users to replace worn badges or detect potential faults on the units that automatically issue the tickets.
Furthermore, the software installed in COMPUCARD, which digitally processes signals, is able to dynamically and automatically reconfigure operating parameters, so that the system is able to accept worn or unreadable tickets/cards.

COMPUCARD is able to manage different kinds of payment method for the transit in the toll stations and the automatic collection of motorway toll. It supports the most common types of motorway tickets/cards:

  • Standard TRANSAC tickets, standard ISO magnetic cards, cards with magnetic band and microchip
  • Smart cards and tickets with barcodes.