Equipment tester


System designed to test ticket processing systems installed in toll collection stations.


The system is designed to be used in maintenance laboratories installed in motorway offices. It can be used to test all the CDR systems employed to process tickets/cards, but is specifically designed for tests on COMPUCARD and COMPUCARD – I units.

If connected to a PC, it can be used to measure current absorption and absorbed power, to check the efficiency of the RS232 test communication channel, simulate communications with the toll station in order to verify the efficiency of the corresponding channel, even with a very high amount of noise, and monitor the correct operation of I/O lines.

During the maintenance phase it is particularly important to measure the current absorbed by the driving reduction gear of Compucard because this parameter provides a direct measure of the level of degradation of the driving essential to increase the life of the driving system itself.

The system comes with a customized software packet that enables to send a series of commands that are identical to those transmitted during the ordinary operation of the plant through the selected RS232 serial channel. The software interface enables to select the commands to transmit, to display the status of the communications being monitored, to define the configuration parameters and to check that the device being tested is actually able to establish a communication.

The system comprises the following components:

  • External housing in metal or plastic
  • Power supply
  • System to measure absorbed current
  • RS232 – RS422 interface
  • System to inject noise in common mode
  • Software to simulate the connection to the station
  • PC connection
  • Connection with equipment under test
  • Input and I/O loop simulators