Management of transits at entrance barriers


System for the automatic issue of tickets designed to be installed in entrance and manual toll collection motorway stations supervised by an operator.


CDR has leveraged the concepts studied and implemented during the development of COMPUCARD to design and manufacture COMPUCARD-I, a system designed to issue automatic tickets in entrance toll stations and manage the collection of tolls at motorway exit stations supervised by an operator.

COMPUCARD–I was designed to ensure maximum compatibility between the components of this equipment and those of the standard version of COMPUCARD in order to optimize the management of spare parts, minimize inventory through the possibility of using identical components for both systems, and simplify maintenance and reparation by allowing technicians to be trained on one system only.

CDR owns therefore all the know-how required to provide customers with all the assistance they need in terms of changes, additional implementation, technical support and supply of spare parts.