Research and Development

CDR, a “workshop” of ideas and continuous innovation

CDR has traditionally always placed a strong emphasis on R&D activities by investing a very high percentage of its profits in this field. The company operates as a “workshop” of innovation and development thanks to a continuous process of research that creates products and systems respondent to the changeable needs of the markets that are in rapid evolution.

Research as development strategy

The medium and long term development strategy of CDR is based on applied research viewed as a means to identify new technologies and methods. The results of these research activities are then applied both to the fields in which the company has been traditionally active – like telematics, medical diagnostics and food diagnostics – and used to identify new potential fields of application.

Technological transfer

The main tool used by CDR to support its research activities consists in the transfer and implementation of technologies belonging to different fields of application. The know-how developed over the years in the fields of micro-mechanics, electronics, embedded software, biochemistry and photometry is suitably combined to develop innovative solutions that would not be possible with traditional methods and technologies.