CDR conducts its business in heterogeneous sectors.

CDR conducts its business in heterogeneous sectors like telematics, medical diagnostics and food diagnostics. Interaction between diverse competences is for CDR a useful instrument for the achievement of its clients goals.
The experience in different sectors as mechanical and micro-mechanical design, photometry, biochemistry, electronic design and software design, underlies CDR ability in being a company able to understand the need of potential clients and to study, define and design tailored solutions.

Telematics systems
CDR has internally designed and manufactured the ticket and magnetic card processing systems installed in most of the toll stations along the Italian motorways. The systems developed are able to read the most common types of tickets, cards and badges. The development of automatic toll collection systems is based on a “know how” acquired in over 25 years through the design of telematics systems.
CDR is in fact able to develop OEM units and customize them according to specific needs like those recently designed on behalf of primary companies managing parking areas. CDR conducted applied research in the area of the security systems into railway tunnels.

Medical diagnostics systems
The know-how acquired in the design and manufacture of solutions for medical and electromedical applications has enabled CDR to develop innovative systems based on a combination of photometric technology and specific reagents that have been carefully selected by its internal research laboratories.
The applications realized concerns the sectors of hematology, hemostasis and veterinary medicine.

Food diagnostiocs systems

CDR developed a line of analysis systems for foods and beverage that today are used all over the world. Today you can find the CDR FoodLab analysis systems in the laboratories, in the production lines of food companies, from the little oil mill to the dairy cooperative, from the raw material supplier to the company that manufactures finished and packaged food products. To development of the FoodLab Line was possible thanks to CDR professionalism and experience in medical diagnostics, the proprietary analysis methods and its systems and reagents for hematology and hemostasis.



Automatic toll collection


Systems for hematology
and hemostasis.


Systems for rapid analysis of food and beverage.