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Selling WineLab in Israel

June, 4th 2014 - Wine’s Secret is the distributor of CDR WineLab in Israel. It will be the company to refer for purchasing or get information about the wine and must analysis system developed and produced by CDR.

The company is based in Moshav Tirat Yehuda, near Ben Gurion Airport and specializes in selling facilities and accessories for wineries and wine makers of the country. Israel has a great experience and tradition in winemaking, viticulture and agronomics.

The new distribution agreement has been concluded few weeks ago and we met Wine’s Secret managers and technicians in our last visit in Israel. In this occasion we went to wineries that are our clients yet and to wineries that are interested yet in purchasing our analysis system.


These are the contacts of our new distribution point:

Wine's Secret
Moshav Tirat Yehuda 110 - near Ben Gurion Airport


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