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Total Polyphenol (Biophenol) Test

Polyphenols are among the most precious components of olive oil, and determine its typical fruity aroma, its tang, sharp taste, besides protecting the oil from decay and developing a powerful antioxidant action in the human organism.

Quantifying their value has a relevant importance as an aid for the verification of the correctness of the productive process and for making useful expedients to preserve the highest concentration.

The new Total Polyphenol (Biophenol) Test used by the CDR OxiTester has been tuned to the reference method COI/T.20/Doc. no. 29: 2009 by the Merceological Chemical Laboratory of Florence; the total olive oil polyphenol test results as obtained by the CDR OxiTester method are in good accord with the values obtained by the reference method. Read More

Simone Pucci - Manager of CDR Chemical LaboratorySimone Pucci
Manager of CDR Chemical Laboratory